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SafeRide Health takes non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) further with leading technology and a digitized network that gets patients to the right care at the right time.

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Transforming the way patients get where they need to go

Our tech-first, member-centric approach mobilizes seamless access for every member, a customizable model to fit every plan, a connected network to accommodate every mobility type and need, and real-time visibility into every ride to ensure reliability and peace of mind for all — especially the patient.
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Milestones and Markers

The proof is in the performance

rides delivered annually
of all trips are to life-sustaining care across urban and rural patient populations
fulfillment rate, unlocking on-demand access in a market used to only scheduled rides
< .25%
grievance rates, best-in-class and leader in member experience

Seamless Access

Providing more and better ways to access member-centric, reliable transportation

We put the power of our platform into the hands of the patient and their care teams, enabling them to arrange transportation — both pre-scheduled and on demand — via our app, member portal, or tech-enabled services team. Since the patient’s specific needs are part of their member profile, they can be sure the services they need are the services they receive.
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Exceptional experiences
Flexible scheduling
Nationwide coverage
Data-driven insights
Customizable services
Access to care
Improved outcomes
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Customizable Platform

Our agile, member-centric approach enables customized solutions for plan-specific needs

Built to fit
Turnkey and custom programs — and everything in between — are adaptable for any health plan.
Built to flex
Strong relationships with local, regional, and national transport and rideshare partners ensure robust network coverage.
Built to deliver
Elevating member experience and retention is central to the work we do to improve access to life-sustaining care.
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A graphic illustruation representing the SafeRide Platform interface. Shows the details of a current ride, including rider, rider info, ride info, driver, and a timestamped log report of the ride.

Real-time Visibility

You can’t improve what you can’t see

Our ride-tracking technology will make you feel like you’re riding shotgun, giving you full visibility into every ride in real time. Gain valuable insights across all phases of the NEMT journey — from live ride monitoring and member experience to ride utilization, driver dispatch, and more. When the unexpected happens — and with thousands of rides happening every day, it’s inevitable — you can intervene and course correct to put the member back on the road to better health.
Ready for Real-Time Visibility

Connected Network

We’ve got the supply to meet your demand

Join Our Network of 600+ NEMT Partners

Trusted Relationships

Relationships with thousands of transportation providers across the 48 contiguous states enable rapid program implementation.

Robust Network

Our robust network delivers the right vehicle, at the right time, at the right cost — as well as peace of mind for transport providers, plans, and patients.

Fleet Management

Proprietary fleet management tools help providers optimize their supply and service.

Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven insights, starting at the driver level, advance continuous member-centric improvements and consistently superior member experiences.
Demand, Existing Coverage, and Expanding Coverage
SafeRide Health Full State Coverage

We’re committed to supporting all parties at every step of the care journey

Drive better health and optimal outcomes for health plan members and your business

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