Every Ride, and Relationship, Matters: A Closer Look at SafeRide’s NEMT Network

At SafeRide Health, we’re determined to change the narrative by digitizing the connected network and creating collaborative relationships that benefit all stakeholders—NEMT providers, health plan members, their health plans, and their care providers.

At SafeRide Health, we’re on a mission to improve health outcomes for America’s most vulnerable by ensuring access to life-sustaining healthcare, and we’re smart enough to know it takes a village to do so.  

Transportation providers power non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) networks, helping to scale transportation benefits for members across the country. But, historically, the relationship—or lack thereof—between a NEMT company and a transportation provider organization is simply a transactional business agreement. We’re determined to change the narrative by digitizing the connected network and creating collaborative relationships that benefit all stakeholders—NEMT providers, health plan members, their health plans, and their care providers.

Connecting on a Shared Mission

At the intersection of transportation and technology, our unparalleled supplier network—600+ NEMT partners in 48 states nationwide—provides services that meet the needs, mobility, acuity, and preferences of each member. With more than 3 million NEMT rides delivered every year, our fleets of NEMT drivers are an integral part of SafeRide’s success, fueling our shared mission of getting members to and from care. Nationwide, we connect NEMT providers with industry-leading Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plans.

We’re focused on finding NEMT provider partners who think like us—steadfast in our belief that every ride matters—and data-driven in maintaining quality, service levels, and compliance across the network. We hold ourselves to high standards and we expect nothing less from our NEMT provider partners. Of course, the ideal partner checks every box, but most importantly, we want to work with NEMT partners who provide us with peace of mind that all rides are delivered safely and on time.  

There are a few qualifications we require from our transportation provider partners including:

  • Modality availability and versatility (e.g., ambulatory, wheelchair/bariatric transportation, stretcher/gurney transportation)
  • Satisfactory service levels  
  • Sufficient inventory of vehicles and driver capacity to meet demand in service area
  • Utilization of basic technology  
  • Completed driver training and background screenings
  • Appropriate company-level compliance  
  • Established metrics or scorecard
  • Excellent communication and responsiveness

Nurturing a Network of Relationships

At SafeRide, we believe you get out what you put in, especially in a partnership. That’s why we always go the extra mile to form and nurture trusting relationships with our NEMT provider partners. While some NEMT brokers treat their fleets like a third-party service, we treat ours like family. To support our NEMT network, we built a robust network team that’s 100% committed to our provider partners, whether that means answering a question via text, showing up on-site for a team lunch, or sending flowers when a loved one has passed.

As a provider relationship strengthens through trust, we prioritize sharing insights into the local market and finding opportunities to grow together. SafeRide augments the supply our partners provide to feed our network with new business based on their coverage and capabilities. When a provider partner consistently delivers on their commitments and at a certain volume, we promote them to our Tier 1 Supplier Network. As a Tier 1 Supplier with SafeRide, you can expect priority access to additional ride volume, automated claims submission, guaranteed payment turnaround times, and more, all serviced by your dedicated account manager.

Technology Elevates the Human Element of Healthcare

As technology-first NEMT modernizes networks throughout the industry, many transportation provider organizations are either facing the changes alone or lack the proper bandwidth to get up to speed. And, unfortunately, health plan members are the ones who suffer when NEMT benefits aren’t working well. By partnering with a technology-first NEMT broker like SafeRide, transportation providers can focus on what they do best—getting members to and from care—while we provide a platform powered by industry-leading technology.  

SafeRide facilitates next-level data insights, transparency, and growth opportunities at all layers of the transportation journey. By digitizing the outdated network infrastructure between health plans and NEMT providers, SafeRide transforms the traditional “black box” model of member feedback collection and exchange with technology that enables real-time data sharing. This provides our NEMT fleets with instant visibility into where their vehicles are and how their drivers are performing. With our elevated ride data insights, route optimization, and integrated dispatch system, SafeRide paves the way for our highest-performing partners to receive additional ride volume when they're ready to scale.  

As regulations start to steer NEMT providers towards the use of digital platforms, it’s vital for transportation organizations to shift to a tech-first approach. SafeRide can help NEMT providers streamline their ride booking process, reach more members in their market, and future-proof their business.

If you’re a NEMT provider interested in learning more about SafeRide Health, please get in touch with us.

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