Powering a robust, connected nationwide NEMT network

SafeRide Health breaks down critical barriers between transportation providers, health plans, and care providers to get members to care. Our digitized network mobilizes trusted non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), rideshare, and local transportation partners to bridge the gap between need and access to care.

An expansive network of transportation providers, health plans, and caregivers moving more members to care

NEMT partners in 48 states nationwide
annual rides delivered
on-time rate
grievance rate
health plans and care providers served

Partnering with transportation fleets from coast to coast

Graphic of SafeRide Health's network coverage across the United States
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Curb-to-curb, room-to-room, and everything in between

SafeRide Health’s unparalleled supplier network offers tailored services to meet the needs, mobility, acuity, and preferences of each health plan member.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Ambulatory (curb-to-curb and door-to-door) transportation
Wheelchair/bariatric transportation
Two-person assist transportation
Stretcher/gurney transportation
Basic life support transportation
Advanced life support transportation
Commercial air transport

Non-Medical Transportation (NMT)

Rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc.)

Personal Reimbursement


Our Partners

We connect NEMT providers across the country with industry-leading Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plans.

SafeRide's Tier 1 Supplier Network Spotlight

Meet your new business and ride-scaling partner

SafeRide facilitates next-level data insights, transparency, and growth opportunities at all layers of the transportation journey. With our elevated ride data insights, our highest-performing partners receive additional ride volume when they're ready to scale.

Increased Revenue

  • Access to leading health plans and health systems
  • Greater ride volume
  • Predictable pipeline and margins
  • NEMT providers delivering 2,000+ rides can earn up to $380,000
  • Fewer no-shows and cancellations
  • Priority access to additional ride volume in desired markets*
  • Dynamic pricing*

Industry-Leading Technology and Processes

  • Easy-to-use mobile app and driver platform
  • Route optimization
  • Real-time data visibility
  • Integrated dispatch system
  • Improved vehicle efficiency
  • Automated claims submissions*
  • Guaranteed payment turnaround times*

Exceptional Supplier Experiences

  • Vehicle and driver compliance support*
  • Dedicated account manager*
  • Clear and timely communications throughout each trip
  • Streamlined workflows and operations
  • Training and support services
* Tier 1 program benefits

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“Wapato Shores Accessible Transportation strives to stay at the leading edge of technology available in the marketplace and have been impressed with the responsiveness of SafeRide Health’s Development Team. They have been responsive to our needs and have even gone to the incredible length of sending their entire team to Portland, Oregon to meet with our managers, dispatchers and schedulers, and our drivers to improve the product to better meet the needs of our industry.”
Fred Voelkel, Wapato Shores Accessible Transportation

Questions? We've got answers

Yes, we have a ride monitoring team on standby to triage any ride situation that my arise.

If additional equipment accommodations are needed, please ask the SafeRide call center representative what equipment accommodations are needed for your ride.

Under ADA compliance rules, you are allowed to travel with any kind of service animal.

Yes, you are permitted to bring along one other person for the duration of your ride. Please notify our team when scheduling your ride.

Nope! As long as you are within your maximum eligible rides as part of your transportation benefit, you will not be expected to pay for rides dispatched by SafeRide. 

SafeRide's connectivity puts life-sustaining care within the reach of our most vulnerable populations.

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