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In an opaque industry, we bring visibility, clarity, and a culture of trust that ensures members receive an optimal ride experience, every time.

Unleash the power of network transparency

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is critical for providing our most vulnerable patient populations with access to the care they need. But the success of NEMT services depends largely on the ability of transportation providers, health plans, and care providers to seamlessly work together to support members and implement timely interventions that improve service quality. SafeRide Health’s advanced NEMT solutions and services mobilize a transparent and member-centric ecosystem of care, driving greater network connection, agility, member empowerment, compliance, analytics, and payments and lowering healthcare costs.


  • Improve communication before, during, and after the ride
  • Offer peace of mind and reassurance about transportation to appointments
  • Receive quick and responsive ride troubleshooting when issues arise
  • Share feedback in real time
  • Prioritize the member experience
Illustration showing an example of a member booking a ride

Health Plans

  • Reduce member grievance rates
  • Oversee service quality and implement real-time interventions
  • Manage benefit utilization, transportation supplier fees, and member eligibility
  • Prevent fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Monitor KPIs such as utilization, costs, arrival times, and more
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce operational expenses
  • Uphold compliance, safety standards, and regulatory requirements
An illustration showing a representation of the health plan interface

Care Providers

  • Preempt cancellations, delays, and no-shows
  • Ensure timely arrival of patients to their appointments
  • Streamline operations and resourcing
  • Achieve optimal clinical outcomes
  • Improve care coordination
An illustration of the Care Provider process for scheduling a ride

NEMT Companies

  • Enable timely interventions, adjustments, and alerts
  • Ensure transparency around payment timing and method
  • Improve collaboration and communication
  • Confirm accuracy of trip specifications, rider needs, and more
  • Optimize fleet management, dispatch, and ride scheduling
An illustration of the NEMT provider flow for delivering a ride

Put your KPIs in the driver's seat with visibility into member experience, transportation, and service delivery

Our partners benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive qualitative and quantitative transportation-related data and analytics. We leverage real-time insights across these categories to deliver exceptional member experiences, optimize care outcomes, and achieve high utilization while minimizing costs.
Member Experience
Avg. and total rides
Avg. rating
Costs by region
Costs by treatment
Rides per member
Provider to care
Care & Outcomes
Grievance rate
Treatment analysis
Transportation Network
Network quality
Ride punctuality
Costs by mode
Rides per network part.
Driver/vehicle efficiency
Cancel vs. completed
Care & Outcomes
Frequent flyers by dist.
Rides per treatment
Service Delivery
Call quality
Calls per ride
Headcount per 1K rides
Avg. daily calls
Avg. speed of answer
Care & Outcomes
Complaint res. velocity
On-demand fulfillment

User-Friendly Portal

With the most advanced technology platform in the healthcare transportation ecosystem, SafeRide Health offers user-friendly platform solutions for health plans, providers, and members to seamlessly coordinate NEMT services, capturing and disseminating critical information about the member and their transportation needs to the appropriate parties for flawless ride execution.
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Call Center

Our dedicated customer service call center is staffed by a diverse group of expert, multilingual live agents who immediately provide support to members, care teams, and transportation fleets, quickly resolving any issues that arise.
(855) 955-7433

GPS Tracking

Live vehicle monitoring and proprietary dispatch technology offer full visibility into the ride experience and help facilitate seamless fleet management and transportation coordination by eliminating scheduling, dispatch, and communication errors.

Mobile Interface

Our intuitive mobile offerings foster transparency and effective communication between riders and drivers, leading to better coordination with health plans. With easy trip booking, timely notifications, and the ability to provide real-time feedback, our mobile interfaces help enhance the ride experience for all parties and facilitate prompt interventions when necessary.

Reporting Dashboards

Actionable reports and analytics give health plans the full picture of the NEMT journey, offering health plans and transportation providers critical insights on network performance, call center support, member experience metrics, and cost reporting.

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