What to Expect as a Member of SafeRide’s Tier 1 Supplier Network Program

SafeRide brings a new approach to NEMT providers offering a tiered network structure. For our Tier 1 suppliers, partnering with SafeRide is a win-win. Learn more about what our Tier 1 suppliers expect as part of our program.

In the past, traditional non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokers maintained a strictly transactional association with the transportation provider organizations responsible for delivering vital rides to their patients. Back then, the expectations from the NEMT providers were minimal, limited to fulfilling contractual obligations. However, modern NEMT brokers now recognize the significance of fostering collaborative partnerships with transportation providers to enhance the overall quality and experience of NEMT services for the benefit of health plan members.

At SafeRide Health, we see firsthand that NEMT works better for everyone when we foster collaborative relationships with our transportation partners. We treat our supplier network—1,000 providers partners in 48 states nationwide—as an extension of the SafeRide team. Our digitized network mobilizes trusted NEMT, rideshare, and local transportation partners to bridge the gap between need and access to care.

Further, our top providers—those who go above and beyond by consistently delivering a high level of ride volume at an equally high level of member satisfaction—get promoted to the SafeRide Tier 1 Supplier Network. As a member of our Tier 1 network, NEMT providers can expect a lot more than they’ve been used to in the industry.  

The Tier 1 Difference

While NEMT providers are crucial in getting Medicare Advantage and Medicaid health plan members to care, and ultimately contributing to better health outcomes, they’re often disconnected from other healthcare transportation layers including health plans, NEMT brokers, and patients. By keeping NEMT providers siloed, their operations can’t best align with health plans, health plans can’t hold providers accountable, and members can’t share meaningful feedback on their ride experience, Ultimately, this causes abrasion that reduces the experience for all parties. SafeRide’s Tier 1 Supplier Network program breaks down these common transportation barriers and supports operational excellence by facilitating next-level data insights, accountability, transparency, and growth opportunities among all layers of the transportation journey.

Rusty Misenheimer of Care Transport Group, shares his experience as one of SafeRide’s Tier 1 suppliers, "As a Tier 1 provider, the partnership between SafeRide and Care Transport Group has been a key factor in our growth as an organization. Both parties are willing to learn from each other which provides a better service to our community and customer base."

The partnerships in our Tier 1 program work on a two-way street. At SafeRide, we trust our top-performing partners to fulfill their commitments and delight our health plan members, and in return, we provide exclusive Tier 1 program member benefits. Tier 1 provider benefits include priority access to additional ride volume, a dedicated account manager to support compliance and escalate needs, weekly performance scorecards, and so much more.

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Partnering with Diverse NEMT Suppliers

By offering a Tier 1 program, we find there is a mutual trust in our ride partners that lets them know that there is someone else invested in helping their business continue to grow and scale. With many NEMT providers being small independently owned businesses that are women-, minority-, and/or veteran-owned, having predictable revenue is priceless to support their growth. Supporting these types of small and diverse businesses has become paramount to our network because it helps beneficiaries see themselves in those who directly support their care journey, like their NEMT provider. This alignment creates cultural competency for the health plans, care providers, and the rest of the community that lets members know they are not alone in their care journey.

This ripple effect extends to the local economy as well. Working directly with the NEMT providers in that community to get to their neighbors to care ensures that every dollar possible stays in the community and supports the local economy. This inclusive, diverse network of Tier 1 and other NEMT providers allows us to not only help health plan members access care, but also tangibly support the local business and community of that NEMT provider. As the need for accessible, safe, and reliable NEMT continues to grow, diverse NEMT provider businesses will be the engine to meet that demand.    

At SafeRide, we nurture a network of supplier relationships that’s as diverse as the populations we serve across the country.  If you’re a NEMT provider looking to optimize and grow your business, SafeRide’s Network team is here to help. SafeRide continues to expand our vast transportation needs with Medicaid and Medicare Advantage health plans across the country, and we’d love to partner with you.

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