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Care Provider FAQs

Are you a care provider with a question on your transportation with SafeRide or looking to add a transportation benefit for your patients? We're here to help! Below are some of our most common questions and answers from our care provider customers.

Care providers seeking additional information can email or call (855) 955-7433. If you’re a current customer with additional questions, please contact your dedicated Customer Success team member.

SafeRide Definitions

A one-way ride takes a member either to or from an appointment. A round-trip ride brings a member both to and from their appointment.

Will call is a ride option a member can use if they don’t know when their appointment will end or when they will need the driver to pick them up. It can be used with either a one-way or a round-trip vehicle. The member should request will call status when reserving their ride. Once they are ready to be picked up, they notify us to flip the will call status and route a driver to them. A scheduled ride is for a fixed ride time.

SafeRide offers a range of transportation options with the key differences outlined below to help understand what transportation options may be best fit for a ride need. To note, not every transportation modality is available and it depends on what modalities your team signs up to use.

  • Ambulatory door-to-door - Rides for patients who need help getting from their home or medical appointment to and from the car
  • Ambulatory curb-to-curb - Rides for patients who are capable of meeting their driver on the curb, getting in and out of the car unassisted, and walking into their appointment
  • Rideshare - Rideshare services like Lyft or Uber riding in a standard vehicle
  • Wheelchair/bariatric - Wheelchair patients in vehicles with special equipment for accessibility and safety accommodations
  • Mileage reimbursement - Member or member rep submit reimbursement for the trips taken to medical appointments
  • Mass transit - Rides using available local public transportation options, buses and public taxi
  • Stretcher/gurney - Rides equipped with a device used to move a patient who can't easily walk and needs to lie flat
  • Two-person assist - Typically used for individuals that need assistance in a wheelchair going up or down steps
  • Meals and lodging - Advance funds given from a health plan to an approved benefit for Meals and Lodging in additional to transportation
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)/ALS (Advanced Life Support) -  Rides with certified Emergency Medical Technicians, who can provide basic life support for patients
  • Commercial air transport - Helicopters and fixed wing airplanes used as air ambulances for medical transport.Helicopters are used for short-haul, trauma-related emergency flights when time is of the essence and are typically managed by hospitals or city, county, and state emergency management systems

Getting Started

When we initially set up the account, we establish a certain number of facilities to be a part of the network. If you need to add a new facility not previously on the platform/in our network, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success team member at SafeRide to get this facility added.

During implementation, the SafeRide team will provide your team with training materials. If at any time your team needs additional support and training, please contact your dedicated Customer Success team member.

To access the SafeRide portal after your organization/medical practice account was set up, please reach out to your internal point of contact, who will work with your dedicated SafeRide Customer Success team member to coordinate access for you.

You can access the SafeRide platform at any time from our website by clicking the Login button at the top right of the home page or this page. Care providers enrolled in single sign-on (SSO) may also use this option.

If you have difficulty accessing the platform, please contact your dedicated Customer Success team member.

Ride Booking

Yes, we are pleased to accommodate on-demand transportation via our rideshare integrations. Please note that if you require a vehicle that can accommodate a special modality such as a wheelchair or stretcher/gurney, the more notice you can give, the likelier we will be able to meet the requested day and time.

Ride Troubleshooting

If an uncompleted ride appears on the platform as having been completed or if a scheduled driver did not show up, please email We will look into the issue for you and will correspond with your team as we work through any investigation.

Please contact us for any technical questions or issues you may be experiencing on the platform. Your dedicated Customer Success team member will be happy to troubleshoot and help resolve the issue.

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