What Our Brand Pillars Mean to Us

As part of our recent brand refresh, we are guided and constantly reminded of three overarching brand pillars—Access, Visibility, and Efficiency. Learn from some of our own team members what each of these mean to them.

As part of our recent brand refresh to better align our brand with who we are and what we do today, we are guided and constantly reminded of three overarching brand pillars—Access, Visibility, and Efficiency. These three brand pillars encapsulate how each of our team members acts as an individual and together as an organization. Our organization is dedicated to the pursuit of these three pillars as we serve the most vulnerable patient and member populations across the country in partnership with the nation’s leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage health plans. Recently, we asked several team members to share personal stories and anecdotes about what these brand pillars mean to them and how they impact their work.


Christopher Rivas, Outsourcing Program Manager

Being on the front lines of the call center we get to experience what that access to care looks like, feels like, and sounds like daily. Members are truly grateful that they have a reliable source for transportation to call and have that peace of mind to know that I’m going to get to where I need to go.

Early on in my time at SafeRide, I spoke with a grandmother who had just lost her daughter and was now the sole caretaker for three grandchildren. She had no idea how she was going to get them to and from appointments. Within one call with SafeRide, she was super grateful and felt a new peace of mind to not only have access to the care the children might need, but an ease of access. This is just one of many stories that we encounter daily helping create a peace of mind of assured easy access to necessary care. Our brand refresh grounded by this pillar of access helps set the tone as we continue to be a leader in the industry to help access care.


Sabrina Kesler, Product Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a lot of amazing projects come to fruition in my five years here at SafeRide. We’ve really been driven by this visibility pillar before it was even referred to as such. A recent endeavor that exemplifies visibility to me has been on our ride booking flow. This was a collaboration across all teams within SafeRide and our partners and will help change the lives of countless individuals.

Through collaboration and conversations among teams with varying visibility into the user experience, we have and continue to make optimizations. These discussions have really allowed us to get under the hood and take a deeper look and gain greater visibility and build an exceptional product.

Deven Bhakta, Director, Transportation Operations

I’ve had the privilege of working on a recent algorithm in collaboration with multiple teams that allows a robot to do more “robot things” and gives greater opportunity to keep people focused on “people things” to give members a white glove experience and triage in necessary situations. This digitization gives us greater visibility into the network and assurance that we fully understand and know when members are at-risk to not get to their life-sustaining care like dialysis or chemotherapy.

Visibility like this is what takes us from being reactive to proactive when problems arise for members. Not only is this a better member experience, but it mitigates the risks of missed treatments, leading to healthier and happier members and plan partners alike. This might give a member another birthday or holiday with their loved ones and that alone makes this visibility so crucial. Every team and team member at SafeRide helps make this visibility happen and that’s what makes SafeRide so special and dedicated to this pillar.


Nicholas May, Product Manager

When we think about efficiency, what does it really unlock for us? For every ride, there are so many different components that make it successful. It can be near impossible for a person to measure all these different dynamics that determine the success or failure of a ride. However, we’ve done just that… but with a machine.

Being able to perform this feat with increased accuracy equates to a fulfilled ride. This means that a member gets the care they deserve. This allows SafeRide to promote the member experience and remove the fear of transportation burdens. Not only does this elevate outcomes for the members, but it also improves efficiency internally by reducing hours of labor aimed at successful ride delivery. Instead, our team can dedicate more time to unique, difficult situations. This type of efficiency is what makes SafeRide great and keeps pushing us forward as the product of choice for members, health plans, and users alike.

Our Brand Pillars in Action

Through each of these stories, it’s clear that the pillars of Access, Visibility, and Efficiency touch and drive interaction we have with our partners, users, and most importantly, members. With these three brand pillars, SafeRide will continue to be ahead of the curve and stand out in the non-emergency medical transportation industry.

We are grateful that every SafeRide team member takes these pillars to heart as we continue our work to restore access and dignity to care for millions of health plan members each year. To learn more about our recent brand refresh including our values and mission, read our recent blog Why We Rebranded: A New Identity for SafeRide Health or visit our About page.

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