No-shows and last minute changes hurt NEMT profitability

SafeRide Manager Platform™ delivers additional fares, simplifies dispatch, and integrates into all existing ride volume

Up to 45% of rides are re-scheduled, changed or delayed

SafeRide's HIPAA compliant dispatch platform optimizes routes and schedules in real time, integrates patient messaging and simplifies NEMT operations.

Additional Revenue

  • SafeRide connects NEMTs to our payor /
    provider network
  • Not a broker - NEMTs set their own rates

Simplified dispatch

  • On-demand and scheduled transport capabilities
  • Real-time fleet management and network optimization
  • Driver platform and patient alerts

Increased capability

  • Integrated private pay platform
  • Preferred client portal

Integration into all volume

  • One platform to manage all rides
  • Seamless import of existing volume

"SafeRide has increased our profitability, simplified our operations and deepened our client relationships. They are a true partner."

- Samir Malik, CEO, ZipCare