Lack of reliable medical transportation is a barrier to care

SafeRide reduces no-shows, streamlines operations and improves patient outcomes

No-shows hurt providers, hurt patients and hurt profitability

SafeRide's HIPAA compliant solution restores dignity to care, increases patient satisfaction and streamlines clinical / ED operations

One solution for all populations

  • Non-emergency medical transport ("NEMT") plus Lyft in one integrated platform
  • Supply all patients for any type of medical visit (from infusions to wellness visits)

Reduce no-shows, reduce risk

  • On-demand and scheduled transport for underserved or at-risk patient populations
  • Analytics to identify and triage non-compliant patients

Simplify operations,
increase patient satisfaction

  • Simple scheduling, realt time patient management, and streamlined ED discharge
  • Appointment reminders, delightful transport, and real-time quality management